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                 (Ages 8-11) Young Adventures Camping (Click Here)         

                                                       (Ages 13-18) Legacy River Trip (Suwannee River)

We empower fathers to lead their sons on the journey of masculinity and a sentimental blessing ceremony. You will leave empowered as a man/dad and equipped to guide your son through manhood.

(Come as you are, no experience required)

River Trips (Ages 13 and up)

We canoe 10 miles a day with rope swings and crystal clear springs throughout the trip. We stay at river camps (showers, bathrooms, screen enclosure sleeping area) and have 4 campfire discussions about masculinity and how they can help guide your sons to live their lives as men from a biblical perspective.  At the end of the trip, a special ceremony will be held whereby each father will commemorate what has taken place over the weekend with a blessing ceremony. This weekend sons will know that they have transitioned out of boyhood and empowered them with direction on how to live a masculine life and help them with their confidence. The cost is $618 per set and includes:

  • Canoe/ (and lessons)
  • Life Jackets
  • Paddles
  • 6 Hearty Meals
  • 2 Nights Lodging
  • 4 Talks on Masculinity
  • Games and Activities to build Relationships
  • Blessing Ceremony
  • You wont regret the uninterrupted time with your son

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Feeling like you didn’t get the coaching you needed to be a dad or that your faking it until you make it?  Your not alone! (Read more)

Anthony Cravaritis had the same story from having his own father wound and has heard  the same from so many other men.  Today he is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has a private practice called Search for Strength Counseling.  He has worked with teens for over twenty years varying from a supervisor for juveniles at a wilderness camp to being a youth pastor. Since getting his Master of Counseling degree, he has done a lot of work with men from leading men’s retreats to prison ministry. After much prayer and intentionality, he has been led back to lead Fathers and sons to deeper relationships. Please click to visitSearch for Strength Counseling.

Available River Trips (Ages 13 - 18) this year:

Oct. 26th - 28th / Nov. 2 - 4th (Full)

Trips are from 11:00 on Friday - 2:00 on Sunday on the Suwannee River

Group trips available upon request.

"I was learning about masculinity at the same time my son was"

Don't miss out on a weekend with your son that you will never forget!

Legacy River Trips provide canoe trips for fathers and sons to experience adventure, challenge and excitement while learning about masculinity. Often used as a rite of passage trip, these unique bonding trips are once in a lifetime experiences.

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