About Legacy River Trips

Legacy River Trips was birthed by its founder, Anthony Cravaritis, after his experiences working with hundreds of teens and fathers where he saw the lack of guidance from fathers to sons. Furthermore, the American culture has never had a system that has honored the transition from boy to young man. Anthony’s passion for working with men came from feeling ill equipped to handle various issues in life and therefore, wanting to teach others what he struggled to learn along the way. His desire is that dads will connect with their sons and give them a vision of what healthy masculinity is and guide them on that journey. More importantly, the desire is for this new tradition to become a LEGACY to be passed down from fathers to their sons through the generations to come.

About Anthony

Anthony Cravaritis is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has a private practice called Search for Strength Counseling. His appreciation for the outdoors began as a  young child going on summer vacations to Ely, Minnesota where he experienced canoeing and camping and learned about the outdoors from his step father. His experience with the Suwannee River began in 1996 when he led a group of court ordered teens all the way down the 265 mile river. He has worked with teens for over twenty years varying from a supervisor for juveniles at a wilderness camp to being a youth pastor. Since getting his Master of Counseling degree, he has done a lot of work with men from leading mens retreats to prison ministry. After much prayer and petitioning, he has been led back to the river to teach others what he has learned. Please click to visit:Search for Strength Counseling.

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