• Frequently Asked Questions
  • What can I expect from going on a Legacy River trip?

    We provide two types of trips, one for teenagers and the other is for pre-teens.

    The teenage sons trip focuses on the transition out of boyhood where the father and son learn about masculinity from a biblical perspective.  The trip includes a blessing ceremony for the sons and intentional discussion each day on the Suwannee River in FL.  They will sleep at different river camps that are only accessible by the river.

    The pre-teens (ages 8-11) trip is for dads to build their relationship with the son and learn to appreciate the outdoors.  We take a proactive approach with preparing dads for the teenage years while building lifetime memories.  The weekends take place at a campground in Paisley FL.  

  • Do dads have to do something in advance to prepare?

    For the teenage Christian trips Dads will be required to read “Raising a Modern Day Knight” by Robert Lewis to prepare for coming on the trip. All dads for both trips will also have to sign a health and liability release form in order to come on the trip.

  • How do I know if my son is ready to go on a trip like this?

    For the teenage trips sons need to be at least 13 years old to go on a Legacy River trip. Sons need to be willing to work hard through the weekend, be teachable and have an open mind and willing heart to engage with their dads throughout the weekend.

    For the pre-teen trips the boys need to be between 8-11 years old for our trips.  They need to be able to teachable, open minded and a willing heart to engage  with their dad and others on the weekend.  

  • What is expected of each dad during the trip?

    During the trip dads will be required to participate in various activities and engage with each other (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). In addition, for the teenage trips dads will write a blessing letter to their sons but will be guided through this step.

  • Will there be time during the weekend to connect back to civilization?

    Regular usage of cell phones will not be permitted on a trip. Remember, the point of this trip is for fathers and sons to spend quality time with one another and often technology gets in the way of that. Cell phones are encouraged to be used for emergency situations and taking pictures only.

  • Can I take another teen on a trip that is not my son?

    Yes. You may take another teen on the trip with the approval from the legal guardian and the trip leader.

  • I have 3 sons. Can I come on a trip with all three?

    We understand the dilemma of having to choose between all the sons, however these adventure trips are designed to be one-on-one. We have found that having one dad with multiple sons creates rivalry and diminishes intimacy. If a father has two or more sons we ask that he consider choosing one son for his first trip and then consider coming back in the future with the other sons. Alternatively, dads could take the other sons on other trips and implement with them what was learned on your Legacy River trip.

  • Do I need to be an experienced woodsman or have extensive canoeing experience?

    No, we will help teach you any aspect of the demands of living and playing in the outdoors that you are not familiar with.

  • Where and how long are the trips?

    The teenage trips will be for two nights and three days (unless requesting longer) on the Suwannee River in FL.  We will canoe for a total of 30 miles and sleep in two different campsites.

    The pre-teen trips will be for two nights and three days at camp La-No-Che in Paisley FL.

  • Is food provided on the trip?

    Once we are in the canoes, all meals will be provided. This includes Friday dinner to Sunday lunch. You will need to provide any snacks you wish to have along the way. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated upon registration.

  • Where will we be sleeping?

    For the Suwannee teenage trips we will be sleeping in river camps that have screened-in shelters with wooden floors. There will be no beds or cots. Therefore, you will need to provide an appropriate sleeping pad and/or sleeping bag you would be comfortable with.

    LRT sleeping area

    For the Young Adventurers Trips(Ages 8-11) we will be sleeping on bunkbeds in a cabin that is covered and screened in so you will need to provide an appropriate sheets and blankets or a sleeping bag.

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    You will receive a packing list prior to the trip but, in general, for the teenage trip you will need:
        sleeping bag
        dry bag (to place items that need to remain waterproofed)
        water bottle (preferably some type of Camelbak)
        water shoes
        transportation to the river
        good attitude

  • How much will a trip cost and what does it include?

    Price varies depending on if you are paying by check or credit.

    The trip total cost is $618.00 per set and a discount to $600 if you pay by check.

    The price for teenage trips (Suwannee River) includes:
        Canoe (and lessons)
        Life Jackets
        6 delicious Meals
        Four Talks on Masculinity
        Games and activities to build relationships
        Uninterrupted Time With Your Son


     The Young Adventurers Trip Ages 8-11 (Camp La-No-Che)

    The trip total cost is $566.00 per set and a discount to $550 if you pay by check.

    This includes:

    2 Talk on "Preparing dads for parenting in the teenage years"

    Canoe/gear and lessons


    Fire building 

    Knife safety

    6 delicious meals


    Games and activities to build relationships



  • Do you provide payment plans?

    Yes, but your trip must be paid in full 30 days before departure.