Young Adventurers Trips (Ages 8-11)


Preparing Dads For Parenting Through The Teenage Years





The trip includes:

- Talk on "Preparing For The Teenage Years"

- Canoeing and lessons

- Archery

- Swimming and climbing wall

- Campfire discussions

-  6 delicious meals

-  Camping at Camp La-No-Che Paisley, FL

- Activities to build relationships

All this for $275 per person!

Available weekend trips this year:

March 23rd,     April 27th,     August 24th,     Sept. 21st,     Nov. 30th


Here is what people have said about the Young Adventurers Trip:

"My husband and son just returned from the Young Adventurers Trip and they had a wonderful time. Before leaving my 10-year-old was crying because he didn’t want to go.  When he got home he was crying because he didn’t want to come home.  I could tell immediately that a positive change had occurred.  My husband was speaking differently to my son, with more understanding and compassion, and my son was actually listening and being very attentive to my husband.  Whatever training you gave is working.  They are both wanting to go on another trip next year.  Thanks for all you did for my family."
"A great time for my son and I to get away and focus on quality time together. Definitely worth the investment."
"I enjoyed getting to spend time with my son - relaxing, fun, campfires, intentional times alone with him, as well as activities with other dads doing the same with their sons.  I am really glad we did this and my son on the last day wished the weekend was not over yet."
"This trip provided a catapult to really getting into a deeper relationship with my son.  We have plans to keep this kind of thing going."
"The trip was a great way to make space in our busy schedule for me and my son to connect and be intentional with our relationship."
"The experience we had was amazing.  The time spent together for 2 days could be the start of an amazing new relationship with my son."
"This was a significant time to get away from the distractions of life and have time to connect with my son at a deeper level!"
"Legacy River Trips serves an extraordinary weekend for fathers and sons fellowship that focuses on creating lasting moments between father and son."
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