Pre-teen Trips

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Young Adventurers Trips (Ages 8-11)

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We help prevent the common pitfalls in father/son relationship while offering memorable guy time camping weekends with lots of outdoor fun. You will leave empowered as a dad and equipped to guide your son.

(Come as you are, no experience required)

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Young Adventures (Ages 8 - 11)

Friday 4:00 - Sunday 1:00 at camp La No Che in Paisley, FL

On the pre-teen trips boys will appreciate the outdoors by having an assortment of activities such as canoeing, camping, archery, rock climbing wall,  swimming, campfire discussions as well as intentional activities to build their relationship with dad.  The trip total cost is $566.00 per set  includes:

  •                                                                                                              2 Talks on relational pitfalls and preparing for the teenage years
  •                                                                                                           Canoe/gear and lessons
  •                                                                                                           Archery
  •                                                                                                           Fire building
  •                                                                                                           Knife safety
  •                                                                                                           6 kid friendly meals
  •                                                                                                           Lodging
  •                                                                                                           Games and activities to build relationships
  •                                                                                                          You won't regret uninterrupted time with your! son                                                                                        

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Feeling like you didn’t get the coaching you needed to be a dad or that your faking it until you make it?  Your not alone!

Anthony Cravaritis had the same story from having his own father wound and has heard  the same from so many other men. Today he is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has a private practice called Search for Strength Counseling.  He has worked with teens for over twenty years varying from a supervisor for juveniles at a wilderness camp to being a youth pastor. Since getting his Master of Counseling degree, he has done a lot of work with men from leading men’s retreats to prison ministry. After much prayer and intentionality, he has been led back to lead Fathers and sons to deeper relationships. Please click to visit: Search for Strength Counseling.

Available Young Adventurers (Ages 8-11) weekend trips this year:

August 24th - 26th    /    Nov. 30 - Dec. 2   Trips 4:00 Friday - 1:00 Sunday

Group trips available upon request.


Here is what people have said about the Young Adventurers Trip:

"Before leaving for the weekend my 10-year-old was crying because he didn’t want to go but then was crying when it was over.  My husband was speaking differently to my son, with more understanding and compassion, and my son was actually listening and being very attentive to my husband.   They are both wanting to go on another trip next year.  Thanks for all you did for my family."

"A great time for my son and I to get away and focus on quality time together. Definitely worth the investment.”

"I enjoyed getting to spend time with my son - relaxing, fun, campfires, intentional times alone with him, as well as activities with other dads doing the same with their sons.  I am really glad we did this and my son on the last day wished the weekend was not over yet."

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